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If you have seen Salsa dance before or have viewed "Dancing with the Celebrities," you know about how great and fascinating Salsa dance is actually. Learning Salsa is a simple process. To break it into manageable chunks, there are just three steps: Execute a little background research, take some lessons, and practice! The complete process is easy and fun. Let's explore the three areas of learning how to party Salsa.

THE FIRST STEP: EXECUTE A Little History Research

Great job - by just scanning this quick article, you should have completed this task! History research shall make you when planning on taking the plunge into Salsa lessons without being overwhelmed or under-prepared.

Here's some history information about Salsa dance. Salsa is somebody dance that started in Cuba. Several other cultures have added to the style and helped it to advance just a little since its inception. You can find two main ways to accomplishing this boogie, known as "On1" and "On2". "On2" is mainly performed in NEW YORK whereas "On1" is popular elsewhere. In person, I find "On2" to be always a bit more interesting in the manner that it seems to syncopate the tempo (which can be an illusion). It can this by emphasizing the next whip than the first alternatively, as you shall look out of my justification of the two styles.

With "On1," think about keeping track of the four beats in an average song. Count 1-2-3-4 quickly equally. With this form of dancing, you will be taking three steps in this four beat period. On combat one, you step of progress. On defeat two, a step is used by you back again to where you were. On beat three, additionally you part of the same place with the foot that you used to formerly step of progress. On whip four, you relax. So, essentially, you should go forward-back-center (pause).

Now the next 1 / 2 of the design of party is merely doing the same steps to the trunk. On beat one, you backwards step. On beat two, a step is used by you ahead to where you were. On beat three, you step in place with the foot you used to step backward originally. On beat four, you rest. This compatible back-forward-center (pause). So, incorporating these two parts together, you shall step forward, back, middle, pause. Back, frontward, center, pause. All this while quickly keeping track of 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4.

With "On2" there is merely one difference. Rather than starting the to begin the four steps in the series by either moving ahead or backward, you get started the series by stepping center. You step center, forward, center, and pause. Center then, backward, middle, and pause.

SECOND STEP: Take Some Lessons

Now that you understand a bit about Salsa dance, you can commence to take boogie lessons. There are many different ways to get this done (see a few of my past articles for further in-depth information about discovering the right medium for you). You'll find a private boogie class where you do not even desire a spouse, you can join a partner's course with other students, searching your newspaper or Craigslist for neighborhood events (which are generally free or cheap), you can purchase a thorough how to party Salsa video, or you can scour the internet for videos and instructions about Salsa. However, that final option shall not be very complete nor will it provide you what the other options offer.

THIRD STEP: Practice!

This task is self-explanatory. In the event that you begin taking Salsa lessons, you will see that practicing is both fun and satisfying amazingly. You may commit every one of the steps and movements to memory and feel confident and fabulous when you continue to understand how to dance Salsa.